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In Talon's Clutches

Collaboration between me and :iconabitcracked: He wrote amazing fanfiction. Really, it's absolutely amazing how he managed to blend OW lore and DID theme. Probably best DID Overwatch stuff I read so far. I evem got goosebumps  :3 . Here is just a quick peek:


Lena Oxton (callsign Tracer) was used to being woken up suddenly. An Overwatch agent had to be ready for anything at a moment’s notice, off-duty or not. What was a little more surprising was being woken up in her own flat by a heavy, cold hand gripping her face and holding her mouth shut. Even when the world was in chaos, she figured, you were safe in your own home…right?

She was pinned to the bed by someone’s weight, staring up into an owl-skull mask. Not this bellend again! she thought, rolling her eyes, before she remembered that she hadn’t gone to bed alone. Wait, is Emily—?!

She heard a muffled shriek that had to have been Emily’s. Her head pinned in place by Reaper’s hand, Lena’s eyes darted to the side. Another Talon agent, a woman dressed in purple, had pushed Emily up against the head of the bed. Emily was frozen in terror, something white bulging from her mouth.

“Sorry you had to get caught up in this,” the agent said in a Mexican accent. Lena heard the distinctive sound of duct tape being pulled off of a roll, and saw the other agent press it over Emily’s mouth. “You won’t hold it against me, will you?”

No! No no no no NO! Get away from her!

Lena thrashed and squirmed, but Reaper’s weight pinned her to the bed. His armor made him even heavier; he was fully geared up for field operations, and she was dressed in just her unmentionables. Really, Reaper? You came equipped for a warzone to kidnap two unarmed women? Despite her resistance, Reaper managed—with some effort—to force a thick rag into her mouth, and with more effort he managed to seal her lips with a strip of tape. She made him work for it, though.

You’re trying my patience,” came the voice from behind the skull mask. “As usual.

Lena’s struggling grew more frantic at the sound of Emily’s muffled sobs, but to no avail. Her blows—her elbows, shoulders, knees, anything she could put some force behind—struck uselessly against Reaper’s inky black armor as he flipped her over and started taping her wrists together. Her stockinged feet pounded against his back as he wrapped more tape around her body. He barely even seemed to notice.

She’d been in rough situations before. Plenty of them. Facing terrorists like Reaper was just another day in Overwatch. But keeping calm and carrying on was a lot easier when Emily wasn’t involved.


(To read more check out…)

Take her away
This picture was my personal nemesis for last month or so. I drew like four completely different pictures with this theme but each of them was lacking in some way. I even searched gallery here on dA for reference pictures but it still wasn't looking good. I went from "let's draw bunch of Witch hunters carring struggling Triss away while Geralt is playing Gwent in background" to "One Withch hunter is dragging her..." I am sorry about that :( 

Btw I just visited amazing Witcher convention here in my country and it was amazing. Beer, Mead, tons of great cotumes even original band (Percival) which composed music for Witcher3...
Draw-with-me: Police 7
You maniacs done it. Both Jenny and Miyuki got 16 votes so I had to draw them together :D They will have to share car trunk now -_o. 

As you can see it has gone really crowded so next picture will be last in this series. So please cast your votes wisely :D 

Rebecca (RE0) -11 votes
Any girl from Rainbow 6 siege :D (Probably IQ/Ella or Ash) - 14 vote
Cybil  Silent Hill - 5 vote
Yui (Lucky Star) - 2 vote
Asami (HSoTD) - 2 vote
Lily Hoshina (B-the beginning) - 2 vote
Officer Noa (Patlabor) - 2 vote
Kiruko-san (Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san) - 1 vote
Anderson (Judge Dread)- 1 vote
Remember that even thou you cast your vote previously/your damsel won, you can vote again for different girl. Or suggest someone else :) (Smile) 

Rules are same: 
1) It has to be woman (duh) and human (or very closely to humanoid-no furries or monsters girls)
2) She has to wear some kind of police uniform or outfit- No PI or detectives. 
3) She does NOT have to be member of police force. It can be skin or bonus costume. 
4) She HAS to be from Anime/comic/manga/videogame/movie. Sorry not OC's because I would not be able to fit them all there :D (Big Grin)


Rolling on the floor
Merry Christmas, may all your wishes come true and may you find happiness and all you wished for. 




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